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JCMHS is a weather station!

Thanks to a number of people working together, JCMHS is now the proud home of a WeatherSTEM station. This new tool collects local weather data, saves it to a special weather server, and provides the data via a web site to display. Ms. Teresa Rockwood, Jefferson District STEM Director has arranged with the WeaterSTEM company for us to have this comprehensive weather station installation.

WeatherSTEM also makes available its continually growing base of custom Weather, Science, Technology, and Mathematics curriculum that is standards aligned and populated with live and past data from our station.

The current temperature reported by the weather station is F.

This new facility is going to be a wonderful addition to the school's tool set. It provides learning opportunities in so many areas, including science, mathematics, language arts, and on and on. Take a look for yourself. Click here to check out our WeatherSTEM website.

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